Traditional folding

The press machines available in our department allow to bend both simple and complex pieces of different thickness in a precise and efficient way in terms of costs since they always guarantee the maximum level of repeatability of the final product. To achieve the best results, we use the TruBend 5130 machine that allows a maximum length of bending up to 3230 mm. This machine achieves high precision thanks to the reliable 4-cylinder drive technology which reduces sagging in the beam and increases edge clearance together with the CNC-controlled crowning system. Moreover, thanks to the ACB measurement system patented by TRUMPF, angles are correct even for the first part in a new series.

Technical Data
Press force 1300 kN
Bending length 3230 mm
Distance between columns 2690 mm
Opening 615 mm
Rapid speed 220 mm/s
Max working speed 10 mm/s
Height 2835 mm

Threading and countersinking
We can perform all operations of threading and/or countersinking that fully meet every demand of our customer’s requests.

Metal sheets piercing
We can get good results drilling sheet metal work on high-precision works with very close or very small holes.

All the productions