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Our first objective is to offer the highest quality and the best service!


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Experience and knowledge at our clients' disposal

Twenty-year Know-How in precision cutting and welding of metal sheets, ability to solve technical, planning and logistics problems and ongoing support to clients during the design phase are our strengths.

Customer satisfaction is our mission.


Consulting & Planning from the idea to the final work

We analyze the needs of our customers supporting them from the earliest stages of design, developing complete and customized solutions, along with choosing the best way to realize the final work.

With Med-Matrix metal shapes and ideas become reality!

Med Matrix continues to focus on technological innovation constantly renewing its machinery

For over 25 years Med Matrix has manufactured products of high precision metal carpentry that can be immediately mounted and assembled. We carry out machining of small and large sheets without smudging, aimed at different sectors (food, ceramic, banking, industrial systems, components, medical, electro-mechanical, heating, furniture).

Med Matrix has a large number of numerical control machines with the latest generation technology in terms of Programming, Laser Cutting, Folding, Robotic Welding TIG / MIG. Equipment and organization enable us to carry out a wide range of precision machining on any type of metal (iron, stainless steel, aluminum) such as punching, cutting, bending, welding, assembly, installation and testing, always ensuring quick execution and purchase order processing. All our metal sheets reflect characteristics such as accuracy, reliability and durability and we are always able to provide the best finishing for your needs.

Med Matrix is a company with a twenty- year - experience in metalwork, specialized in high-precision metal sheet processing on behalf of a third party. The development of more advanced processing methods, the constant investment in technology, meticulous organization and great accuracy in each step of the process make Med Matrix the ideal partner for the success of your products. Established in 1989 by the founders Gallini, Pivetti and Garuti, thanks to the highly qualified technical staff, Med Matrix has always had the satisfaction of its customers as its primary objective, always ensuring the highest quality and best service.